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Our Workforce Readiness course is now available! Get in touch to learn more and schedule your class today. 


In Pursuit of Ethics (IPoE) training helps individuals identify professional ethics and demonstrate them by; discussing universal and industry-specific ethical dilemmas, exploring the consequences and implications of ethical decisions, and learning sustainable behaviors that promote high ethics. We are now offering Ethics courses for high schools and businesses. Students can participate in a self-paced or teacher-led session.

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161 Programs

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We serve at-risk youth, vocational and college

students and veterans

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12,000 people trained

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20,000 people projected to reach in 2021

“Despite U.S. high school graduation rates reaching all-time highs, many employers are finding that recent graduates are unprepared to succeed in the workforce because they lack foundational “soft skills.” - US. Chamber Foundation, 2017

According to a 2018 study conducted by SHRM, the top 3 missing soft skills in new hires are:

  • 37% problem solving, critical thinking, innovation and creativity
  • 32% ability to deal with complexity and ambiguity

  • 31% communication

“51% of respondents say education systems have done little or nothing to help address the skills shortage issue”

We are the solution to this problem. Our program delves into the soft skills that regular school curriculums overlook. Our training simulates how to apply ethical practice in everyday life and workplace dilemmas.

Organizations that have featured our professional ethics training:

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Cincinnati

Cincinnati Public Schools

Cincinnati VA Medical Center

City of Cincinnati Youth 2 Work Program

Great Oaks Career Campuses

Lighthouse Youth & Family Services


St. Joseph Orphanage

University of Cincinnati Carl H. Lindner College of Business

Urban League of Greater Southwestern Ohio

“Great Oaks Career Campuses has collaborated with BBB Center for Ethics the past three school years, annually inviting over 1,000 high school and adult education students to explore their own critical decision-making, consider the consequences of choice, and begin engaging in open discussion and personal reflection on ethical dilemmas. We look forward to continuing to use the Center’s program to stimulate thought and serve as a springboard for our instructors to continue the conversation in their classrooms.”

- John Conlon, Great Oaks Career Campuses

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