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HealthWarehouseLogo.jpg is America's leading online pharmacy and a pioneer in affordable healthcare. Based in Florence, Kentucky, the Company's services are available nationwide, shipping FDA approved prescription medication and over-the-counter products direct to patients' doors.  As the longest running American online pharmacy (since 2007) and the first nationally licensed online pharmacy, the company has helped over 500,000 Americans afford their medication, providing a savings of $30 million in that time.'s mission is to provide excellent pharmacy experiences through compassion, convenience, and transparency to our community across the nation


Ethical business practices are key to the HealthWarehouse mission. The pharmaceutical industry is overrun by greedy companies focused on profits rather than patients. Americans deserve quality patients services, and they deserve to see the real, every day costs of their prescription medications. By cutting out layers of middle men and avoiding the smoke and mirror pricing of other pharmacies, HealthWarehouse can save Americans money through honest and transparent practices.


As the leader in American online pharmacy, we hope to set the example for others to operate with good business ethics and put their focus back on the patient. Supporting the BBB as an Ethics Ally is another way for us to positively impact our industry and improve American healthcare.

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