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Wise Giver Checklist

Double-check the name

Many nonprofits have similar names, and some even take advantage of that


Resist high-pressure situations

If someone is pushing you to give on the spot, be cautious


Be wary of heart-wrenching appeals

Always look for facts and figures


Ask for specifics

Is the charity helping the homeless? Find out how and where


Check the website

Does it have the mission, programs, and finances on the web? Cross-check by going to


Confirm with state charity officials

In Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, nonprofits are required to register before soliciting


Confirm the tax status

Not every soliciting organization is tax-exempt. Double-check

give time

Volunteering is an excellent way to give back, reduce stress, make friends and even develop new skills.

give your voice

Be an advocate for the cause. You have an audience at your fingertips. The world can hear you.

give dollars

Maximize your donation by giving to charities who believe in your values. Be sure to know where your money is going to and how it's being spent.

give goods

Nonprofits need much more than money. Organize a donation drive. There's surely a following willing to take part.

give talent

As you can imagine, nonprofits operate on small budgets and limited resources. Use your talents and network to help out where needed.


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