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We are the connecting point between companies that can and nonprofits that need.

Gain by Giving is an expression of our passion for promoting positive partnerships between BBB Accredited Businesses and BBB Accredited Charities. By bringing businesses and nonprofits together strategically and thoughtfully, we create community in the purest sense of the word. Those that have needs ask; those that have means give. Together, we’re working for the collective ideal. Whatever your role, we want to help you help the community, and do our part to secure you trustworthy allies along the way.


If you’re a company that can, here’s what you do:
- take stock of your resources (are your  employees looking to volunteer?);
- determine where you have excess (do you have extra materials laying around?);
- consider donating;
- fill out this form using the Accredited Business tab; then
- feel real good about yourself.

If you’re a nonprofit in need, here’s what you do: 
- take stock of your resources (are you in need of    volunteers?);
- determine where you have needs (what materials are you missing to care for your organization?);
- consider asking;
- fill out this form using the Accredited Charity tab; then
- feel real good about your goals.

“Due to the nature of our work as a human services agency, we do everything as inexpensively as possible; often things that might be considered cosmetic end up far down on the list of things to be done . . . this donation of both time and materials was a wonderful gift . . . we are very grateful to all involved!”

- Sheila Kinnen, Mercy Neighborhood Ministries, Connected to Staley Transformations, 2018


There are more ways to help than donating money. BBB’s Accredited Charity CincySmiles reached out to us needing help with painting their new location. We reached out to our Accredited Businesses and Andrew’s Painting jumped at the chance to help CincySmiles with their needs. Read more.

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