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BBB Center for Ethics has an incredible billboard opportunity — increase brand awareness and help local veterans.


If your organization wants to give back, let your customers know with an ad on I-71. We have secured a billboard for the month of November to allow our Accredited Businesses & Charities a cost effective way to get messaging out on a large scale.

Spots are limited, and we expect them to go fast — don’t wait on this!

Since the billboards run in November when we celebrate Veterans' Day, we are also offering messaging to let people know your business supports the local military population. Funding from these billboards provides programming in partnership with the VA to help veterans find new career opportunities.

 We have a hard deadline of October 9th!

We have 5 different messages to choose from. Some messages tell the public your organization is open and serving the community, and following all recommended precautions and guidelines at this time.

  • Create your own, 10 words max

  • We are open! Serving the community in this crisis

  • We are following all precautions and guidelines! Taking care of customers and employees

  • We thank our veterans and active-duty military members for their service!

  • We are helping close the workforce gap for veterans

Billboard example

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